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Choosing Between Assisted Living and Home Care

The mismanagement of a parent's care leads to dire circumstances where the parent wanders off and becomes lost. News stories throughout the country report incidents when parents with dementia left their family home and became disoriented, and some of these stories don't end well. When approaching care decisions for a parent, families weigh the advantages [...]

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Look Out for Scammers that Prey Upon the Elderly

It can seem like scammers are getting more creative and persistent every year. Many people receive multiple scam phone calls each day. Even Texans that have grown up with access to the Internet and are incredibly familiar with the many forms of online and email fraud sometimes get taken by surprise. Not all scammers solicit [...]

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Inspirational Moments For Seniors

Inspirational moments in life are important and give seniors the drive needed to live longer and happier lives. For many seniors, a life in the family home after all their kids are grown will not provide the same level of fulfillment as living in a senior community surrounded by others their own age. Downsizing can [...]

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A Closer Look At Dementia

Dementia is defined as a loss of cognitive function. The disease affects how seniors remember details, rationalize, and comprehend. The effects of the disease cause an inability to complete the activities of daily life and the disease progresses in stages. The symptoms can stop seniors from handling and controlling emotional states and alter the person's [...]

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Why Dining and Socializing Is Important for Seniors

Health studies show why it is important for seniors to socialize more and dine with others. The health benefits alone are great reasons to get out and dine with friends and loved ones. Any opportunity to spend time with others improves the senior's lives and gives the individuals a longer life span. By reviewing why [...]

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Tips to Begin the Search for a Senior Living Community

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, approximately 70% of adults 65 and over will eventually need long-term care. Some seniors can live independently in assisted living communities, but many will require memory care services. While Kerrville, TX, citizens have many options, you and your family must plan carefully before choosing a [...]

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Continue Living Your Best Life With Assisted Living Apartments

As people age, they must confront a host of new problems. How can they maintain both their independence and their health? What happens to a couple or single older adult's social life when driving is no longer possible? Will there be family members available to provide help if anything goes wrong? The problem is, there's [...]

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