The health and well-being of senior loved ones can decline quickly and without warning. Most individuals find out if the elderly loved one has dementia at earlier stages, but that doesn’t mean the disease will progress in the same way for everyone. A parent with Alzheimer’s can progress to later stages based on the amount of plaque on their brain, and the family must prepare themselves to uproot their aging loved one when the time comes.  

Don’t Rush the Process

Being realistic about this transition helps everyone, and the family should understand that it will take time for their parent to adjust to the new living arrangement. Yes, some seniors may become angry about moving from the family home to an assisted living community, but families must do what is right for their loved ones even if it doesn’t win them any praise.

Parents with Alzheimer’s disease will reach a phase where it is harder for loved ones to provide them with adequate care on their own. Individuals with any form of dementia could wander off and become lost, and families must make decisions based on this fact and many others. 

Plan Visits Strategically

The family shouldn’t visit their elderly loved ones every day, as this can cause disruptions in their care. It’s best for them to call before coming and find out what activities are planned for the day and coordinate visits around their parent’s downtime. Mid-afternoon visits might present a better choice for family visits since the elderly loved one is likely to take a nap earlier if they become tired, and the family can spend quality time together. However, they should limit the number of visits at first to give their loved ones time to adjust to the community and a new schedule.  

Bring Items That Help With Memory Difficulties

Photos and items that help the residents recall a happy time in their lives are a must from day one. Families should place family photos and keepsakes that are important to the elderly loved one, and items from their home could make them more comfortable.

During memory care services, the staff offers activities that improve the memory, and any items that can reinforce what the residents learn are helpful to their well-being. That allows them to stay lucid for longer periods of time. Important items that bring up happier memories should be placed in the senior’s living space so they can see them often. 

Help Them Sell the Family Home and Manage Their Belongings

If an aging parent has to move into assisted living quickly, the family must make some hard decisions, and someone within the family needs a power of attorney to manage the parent’s assets and finances. Families often sell the family home and put a portion of the proceeds aside to pay for their elderly loved one’s care. 

Aging parents need certain belongings in the senior community, but they cannot have everything they own in their living space. Their family must help their loved ones go through their furniture and personal items and decide what they want to pass on to the family and what could be donated.  

Make Sure They Choose the Room Design

A strategy for keeping aging parents stay comfortable is to let them choose what is placed in their new living space. Seniors can add decor to their rooms and personalize the space. Family members shouldn’t take this benefit from them or try to advise the senior on how to create their own living space. Learn more about assisted living in Kerrville, TX, by speaking to a community administrator about available options. 

Advocate for Your Loved Ones

Loved ones must advocate for their seniors and ensure that they’re getting everything they need from the community. For instance, if a senior loved one prefers an alternative sleeping schedule, the family must advocate to maintain their rights and ensure these residents remain happier in their new home. Senior communities have staff that manages resident care during the day and night, they can accommodate residents who are night owls without any problems or disrupting the schedules of others in the community. 

Beautiful Homes for Seniors

At River Point of Kerrville, we offer amazing homes for seniors who need assisted living arrangements and daily help with ADLs. Our staff offers compassionate care and addresses the needs of all residents, and families will see how well their elderly loved ones can transition from independent living to a new living environment with ease. Learn more about our community with a private tour.