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One of the reasons I chose this community is because they put their pricing on their website. Nothing says fair dealings more than putting you’re price right out front. My dad is an eater and he says nothing but good things about their food there. I’ve seen the activities schedule and there does seem to be a wide variety of things offered. Anytime anything breaks the maintenance guy, Dago, takes care of it immediately. He is super nice and super responsive so overall, I would recommend this community to others.
David (Son)

The place is BEAUTIFUL and so clean and fresh smelling. The chef makes fresh homemade cookies every day for the residents. They even have a Happy Hour event with socializing and libations. My mom just checked in. The staff is so wondeful you can’t even imagine it. We got there after dinner had been served and sweet Chef brought Mom a late supper prepared fresh. The residents all look happy and well cared for and all day into the evening you can see all of the kind and attentive staff talking with, walking with or just visiting the elderly people. My mom actually said, “ I feel like I died and went to Heaven.”

Sincerely, I can’t thank the staff and owners of River Point enough. 5 Stars- Hands Down- best place of its kind I have ever seen.

Cindy Jones

The care here is great. I love the RA’s that take care of my mom. They are very affectionate and supportive here. Tim, in management, has always been there for me if I need to address something he is always available. The cleaning is good and the place always smells good and is kept clean. I brag about this community a lot because they have been there tremendously for me this past year.


I visited three or four area communities two years ago and they were all about the same price point, but for what she gets there at River Point, mom gets her money’s worth. From everything I’ve seen, the caregivers all seem to be awesome. My mom says they’re wonderful, they all like her and she likes them. They just painted and put in new carpets; my kids have even said it looks like a hotel is looks so wonderful. I was with my mother the other day and I’d say the food is excellent. I think the activities are great, there’s lots for them to do. The staff is wonderful. I can’t say enough about them, they’re wonderful. I have no problems and I have recommended it to everybody I talk to.


We chose this community because it is a fantastic community, it is clean, the residents were out and about when we toured and looked happy. The staff bent over backward to make sure all of our questions were answered and what-nots were in place. It was a seamless transition. They have acquainted themselves with our aunt and made themselves aware of her issues and are constantly checking on her. There seems to be various things and musical groups performing as activities. We had a thing a week ago for friends and family and they had a jazz group playing in the lobby. They have something going on every day. The maintenance guy helped her with getting her wheelchair fixed. Anything we have needed they have helped almost immediately. The grounds are well kept. The inside is pristine. She had a doctor’s appointment the other day and we took advantage of the transportation offered. They seemed to be quick and on the spot. The folks that shower her, get her ready for bed, serve her meals are all very professional.


The activities director at River Pointe is awesome! She amazes me and works very hard to get my mother out of her room and involved. There are plenty of things for everyone to do at this community. My mother seems happy with the for and seems happy with the dining service as well. Maintenance is awesome! They just repainted, ;put in new carpet and they’ll fix anything in my mother’s room when needed. The care staff is great and they’re super sweet.


Great facility. This is a well staffed building with very attentive and caring caregivers. Excellent place for your loved one. There are many activities to enjoy as well.

Jamie L
Very Professional and Caring Staff. All very involved and able to answer questions. Building clean and kept very nice. Residents happy and involved.
Linda Carrasco

Everything has improved from since we moved in.  It started out as a three star, but now I would rate it as a five.  We have changed the home health care provider and everything is going much more smoothly now.  The staff is very friendly and caring about my husband’s needs.  The food is good overall.  I have dined with my husband and they provide well-balanced meals with lots of variety.  They plan many activities, but since he is non-verbal he doesn’t participate in all of them, we do play bingo quite often.  The community is well-maintained and clean.  He has a nice room, we are still working on it to get it the way he wants it.

Family Members

My father has been at River Point of Kerrville since November of 2018 and feels both, safe and comfortable at the community. Form a management perspective, my interaction with them has been very accessible, personable, and attentive and they handle issues very professionally, so they’re great. Regarding my father’s care, everybody that I have run into has has been very good, caring and both polite and respectful to me and my dad. We’ve had a few maintenance problems in the beginning, but they were addressed quickly by the staff, who are really nice. My dad’s room is well maintained and I think they do a beautiful job with keeping the place up. I don’t know what they do to prevent odor, but they really have it down because I have been in a number of places like this and River Point might be one of the only that doesn’t smell. In terms of cleanliness, the rooms are kept well and while my dad doesn’t participate in activities, the staff tries to engage him. With the dining experience, the Chef especially makes a really heroic effort get to know all the residents and understand their likes or dislikes, making sure he makes things they enjoy eating. I know my father is happy with the meals he is getting and with rare exception; he thinks the food is good. It’s also a nice touch that they leave out desserts, so there is a good effort in the dining room and the experience has been great. Overall, I have confidence in the staff and have already recommended others to the community.


The management has just been consistently attentive to all of my loved one’s needs and we have been very pleased. The chef does an excellent job with the food. She is very happy with it. They go on a lot of off campus activities like to lunch, tours, or other things. Housekeeping is very, very clean. The maintenance department just did a remodel of the building and put in new carpet and paint. It is a beautiful facility and the med techs do a great job.


We moved my mom in because of a recommendation. Since then, management has been wonderful. I watch over the finances and they always get back to us and take care of things. My mom says the food is very good there and the Chef came up to talk with her since she needs to eat gluten-free. The whole staff in general has been really good. Maintenance was helpful with setting up the TV, and housekeeping has been consistent. We have really happy with everything and the building is in a nice condition. The care staff has been great and is there for her. We are very happy; it’s been a good experience I would have to say!


When my mother had a stroke that left her unable to walk in 2018. I contacted a physician friend who’s specialty is nursing home care. I asked him,” what is the best place” and was told, Riverpoint of Kerrville.
The management team has changed since her move in but is a better team. My mother can be a demanding and bossy 94 yr old. The care team members have been very good with her. She has never complained about the food as she did at her last place and pre Covid we ate with her quite often and enjoyed the food! She has recently transitioned from assisted living side to memory care. That was handled very well and has been a good move. I highly recommend this facility as a place for your family member. Dr. Mark Altgelt

Mark Altgelt

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