Texas has more than 1,500 assisted living communities providing features and amenities that allow seniors to thrive. Older adults who choose senior living often enjoy a much better quality of life than they would if they lived alone.  Despite the benefits, seniors may resist moving to one of the communities. Many people are uncomfortable with change or do not know what to expect. However, with a careful, loving approach, families can help parents and grandparents welcome the change in their life. 

Involve the Entire Family First

Siblings and other involved family members should discuss elderly assisted living before approaching parents or grandparents with the idea. Members should be on the same page to avoid disputes and issues. 

Relatives need to agree on an approach, too. It sometimes takes several conversations over months or years to convince older adults to agree to move. Trying to force elderly adults to make such a critical decision can upset them and make it even more difficult for them to see the benefits.

Timing Is Crucial 

The best time to broach the subject of assisted living is before a crisis occurs. Few people want to leave surroundings they are comfortable with, so it’s best if families bring up the subject at the first signs of issues such as mobility problems or early indications they may need memory care. Relatives might ask seniors what kind of care they think they may need in the future. 

Families considering an assisted living community in Kerrville, TX, should also pick the right moment to talk about making a decision. For example, moving a loved one to a senior care community immediately after the death of a spouse could leave them feeling confused and disoriented. 

Listen to Seniors’ Concerns 

Forbes Health specialists remind family members to be respectful when discussing assisted care for seniors. Older adults have a lifetime of experience and knowledge, and it’s essential to honor that. 

Families are wise to listen to parents or grandparents and let them know their concerns are valid. Avoid the temptation to talk down to seniors- treat them like adults. At the same time, ensure they know you will support them during changes and throughout their lives. 

Take Advantage of Teachable Moments 

It can take patience and understanding to convince an older loved one that assisted living offers benefits they will enjoy. SeniorLiving.org suggests that, instead of inserting the topic into conversations, look for opportunities in seniors’ comments.   

For instance, a grandmother might mention that housework is getting more difficult, which is a chance to point out that senior communities offer housekeeping and laundry services. If a father or grandfather states they are tired of outdoor work, mention that assisted living includes maintenance and that grounds are always well-maintained by professionals. 

Share the Family’s Feelings 

It’s also crucial to share your thoughts about assisted living with seniors. Let them know how their situation makes you feel.  

For example, you might mention that you want them to be happy, but assisting them makes it difficult for you to care for your children. You could emphasize that you are worried and want what’s best for them and want to do what it takes to keep them independent, safe, and active.

Highlight Community Life Benefits 

Older adults are more likely to respond well to assisted living when they understand its benefits. When discussing the option with them, point out that the change would give them a chance to make new friends and participate in a vibrant community. Emphasize perks like security, planned social events, 24/7 access to help, and professionally prepared meals.

Seniors living alone may worry that moving to a senior community would cut them off from those they love. Reassure them that they will have plenty of visitors and will still be included in significant events like weddings, holidays, and outings. 

Tour Assisted Living Facilities

While some older adults cannot tour assisted living communities or balk at the idea, those willing can see the benefits. They will notice older adults participating in activities, visiting, and relaxing. It’s a chance to view housing options, stroll the grounds, and ask questions.  

Seniors can also have a meal in the cafeteria. They get a chance to sample a menu and experience a cheerful, energetic dining experience.  

It’s also an opportunity for seniors to vote on where they will live, which helps them maintain dignity. Also, they are likely to be happy in a community they decided to join.

River Pointe of Kerrville is an assisted living and memory care community serving Kerrville, Texas, and surrounding areas. Located in the scenic Texas Hill Country, the community offers seniors a full social life and exceptional care. The staff is dedicated to helping each resident find happiness, fulfillment, and purpose.