According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, approximately 70% of adults 65 and over will eventually need long-term care. Some seniors can live independently in assisted living communities, but many will require memory care services. While Kerrville, TX, citizens have many options, you and your family must plan carefully before choosing a community.

It is essential to evaluate vital issues like cost, location, staffing, and culture. Amenities, food quality, and residents’ satisfaction are also important considerations. The key is to take the time necessary to review each community carefully.

Evaluate Your Needs

Every resident of an assisted living in Kerrville, TX, has different needs based on their health, interests, and personality. When considering a community, think about a parent’s current needs and possible future requirements. Communities offer various cultures and the amount of aid a senior needs can impact costs. 

Create a Workable Budget 

The price of assisted living varies widely depending on factors that include amenities and location, so it is essential to research the cost of each community. Establish a realistic budget before you begin your search.

Experts at ElderLawAnswers recommend reviewing a copy of each community’s fee schedule and preparing to ask questions about differences. For example, expect a significant variation when reviewing assisted living vs. memory care costs.

Decide on a Location 

Before searching for an assisted living community, think about the best location. According to AARP, the final choice can boil down to familiarity vs. family. 

While the elderly often feel more secure surrounded by places they know, staying in familiar surroundings can have its downside. Seniors may need to move to a new town to be near one or more adult children, ensuring that someone is always close enough to visit. If parents still live in their original, familiar locations and begin to fail, adult children can be forced to travel long distances to be with them. 

List “Must-Have” and “Wished-For” Amenities

Every assisted living community offers its own menu of amenities. Before looking at communities, determine which amenities you consider crucial and create an amenities wish list. 

For example, seniors might consider being able to keep pets essential. Wished-for amenities could include an on-site branch of their bank, a hairdressing salon, or a family guest suite. 

Conduct Online Community Tours 

The internet is a great starting point when searching for assisted living options. Community websites generally include photo galleries and detailed lists of services and amenities.  

Browsing a site gives you a chance to view the grounds and apartments. An assisted living community may also be a memory care community offering various housing options to accommodate residents’ needs. During an online visit, you get a chance to see what apartments look like, view the grounds, and see pictures of social events. 

Visit Communities in Person 

Once you have narrowed down your search to communities that meet all or most of your needs, phone or email communities to get a sense of their culture, and then make an appointment to visit those that are appealing. 

During a visit, pay attention to the staff and note how they interact with residents. Personnel should be friendly and attentive. You can find out whether they have adequate personnel at night and ask questions about the resident-to-caregiver ratio. 

While you’re on the site, it’s wise to grab a meal in the dining room. That will give you an idea of how clean and attractive the dining area is and whether the food is appealing and nutritious. This is also an excellent time to note safety features and determine if interiors are clean, well-designed, and up to date.  

During your visit, notice whether residents seem active, engaged, and happy or are sitting quietly. Take note of the general mood and how many seniors are participating in activities.

Reevaluate and Revisit

After an initial visit to the first round of communities, review your notes and continue narrowing down the choices. Make appointments to revisit the remaining communities, and consider touring them at a different time of day. One of the best times to visit communities is when senior management is absent.  

Get a Legal Opinion  

An attorney should review any assisted living contracts, which can be complicated. Lawyers point out details and help you avoid issues that could lead to financial and emotional stress. A legal professional will ensure you understand all the details.  

You can prevent many problems by planning carefully before choosing an assisted living community for an elderly parent. Before selecting a community, review all the items above before signing a contract. 

Riverpoint of Kerrville is a memory care and assisted living community serving Kerrville, Texas, and surrounding communities. Our friendly, caring staff ensures that every resident has the best possible quality of life. We consider our staff and residents to be family.