As parents age, it sometimes becomes increasingly dangerous for them to live alone. Some children of aging parents decide to move them in, but is this really the best solution? Many people move their parents in because they feel obligated or believe they can provide the best care. 

Signs Elderly Parents Need Care

Looking for specific signs can help children determine if their elderly parents need daily care. There are many senior living options, even though some prefer to care for their aging parents at home. 

  • The parent requires help with daily tasks, even simple ones. 
  • The parent has begun to lose significant amounts of weight. 
  • They are suffering cognitive declines. 
  • They are suffering from memory lapses.
  • The aging parent has serious health issues that require daily monitoring. 
  • They have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia. 

If any of the above are true, elderly parents may require intervention from the family. A senior living community may be ideal if the children or other family members cannot take in the senior. 

The Pros and Cons of Moving an Elderly Parent Into Your Home

There are many pros and cons to moving an elderly parent into a home. Children must consider the options carefully and ensure they are equipped to handle the added workload and stress. The following offers information on the pros and cons. 

Saves Them Money

Moving into a retirement home can be expensive, and seniors are often ill-prepared for this expense. Moving them into your home can save them money, but it will cost you. Most experts agree the cost of caring for elderly parents in the home can rise as high as $5,000 a year or more. Factor in food, supplies, medications, and transportation.

Loss of Privacy

Moving an aging parent into the home leads to a lack of privacy. It may cause strained relationships between spouses and children. The family dynamics change overnight when you bring an elderly parent into the mix. 

Loss of Independence

When children move an elderly parent into their homes, they often feel a loss of self. It may feel like the child is under supervision by the parent again. Adult children may feel stressed because they can no longer spend as much time with friends. Adult children must not make their elderly parents feel like children. The changed dynamics in the family can take a toll on everyone. 

Spending More Time with Parents

With an elderly parent in the home, there is more time spent together. As people grow up and become busy in life, they often neglect their relationships with their parents. Moving them in can bring about a greater bond, and it also sets a great example for children, helping them understand the importance of family. 

Home Safety

Depending on the aging parent’s health, adult children may need to make home safety modifications. You may need to make the home handicap accessible. These modifications can become expensive, and some may be impossible. Ensuring the home is safe for elderly parents can place an undue burden on adult children and their spouses. 

What Are the Alternatives?

Adult children should not feel guilty if they cannot move their elderly parents into the home. There are many other options, and some may be better for the parents. Finding support for seniors may seem challenging, but there are many communities to consider. 

You may decide moving your parents into the home will not be beneficial to them. Assisted living communities may be a better option. These communities allow seniors to remain as independent as possible while keeping them safe, healthy, and happy. Seniors are surrounded by people their own age, creating lasting friendships. 

If a parent has Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, they may need memory care services. These services help seniors retain their memory and intellectual function. Although cognitive declines are inevitable with dementia, they can be slowed with medications and the right therapy. 

Learn about the options today. Do not allow stress to guide your decision. Elderly parents with health issues may need care their adult children cannot provide. In some cases, it is best for seniors to move into a community that will foster health, happiness, and well-being. 

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