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Understanding Arthritis: Types and Causes

Arthritis is a common ailment that affects millions, often leading to significant lifestyle changes and discomfort. It is a condition characterized by the inflammation of one or more joints, causing pain and stiffness that can worsen with age. The two most prevalent types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, each stemming from distinctly different [...]

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What Causes Forgetfulness in Senior Citizens?

Forgetfulness can occur at any age, and various factors such as stress and lack of sleep can contribute to it. However, when forgetfulness becomes consistent, it raises concerns. Recognizing when forgetfulness is abnormal is crucial for seniors to seek the necessary care. What Causes Forgetfulness? There are numerous causes of forgetfulness in seniors, and those [...]

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The Importance of Active Living for the Elderly

Living an active lifestyle is incredibly beneficial for people of all ages. Texas is full of vibrant senior citizens who defy age through physical activity. As aging seniors in the area find themselves in their retirement years, staying physically active presents a great opportunity to maintain their health and live with greater energy. With sports [...]

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New Eversound Hearing System Is at River Point of Kerrville

Hearing loss impacts one out of every two seniors after the age of 70. Unfortunately, losing their hearing can have a profound impact on seniors. Hearing loss is especially challenging for those living in assisted living. Thankfully, there is a new system that is bringing about a welcome change. The Eversound Hearing System allows seniors [...]

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Learning How to Talk About Finances With Your Senior Parents

It's important that seniors have a plan for their later years, yet adult children in Texas often must become involved to ensure parents have made arrangements for their future. Despite this, GoBankingRates professionals say that 73% of adult children have not discussed finances with their older parents. Many avoid broaching the topic because they don't [...]

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The Value of Therapy in an Assisted Living Search

Texas senior citizens are often hearty and active well into old age. However, even the healthiest can develop issues that could make living alone difficult or even dangerous. Fortunately, the state is home to exceptional senior living communities designed to help residents live their best lives. In addition to planned recreational activities that enhance residents' [...]

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Presenting Assisted Living to a Loved One Can Be a Challenge

Texas has more than 1,500 assisted living communities providing features and amenities that allow seniors to thrive. Older adults who choose senior living often enjoy a much better quality of life than they would if they lived alone.  Despite the benefits, seniors may resist moving to one of the communities. Many people are uncomfortable with change or do not [...]

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Identifying Clinical Depression in Seniors

Mental illnesses are common among the elderly, especially if they've been diagnosed with terminal conditions or dementia. Their prognosis leads to a variety of emotions, and it's easy for the senior to feel devastated. Clinical depression is a prevalent illness that affects countless seniors every year, and caregivers must monitor the elderly closely for signs [...]

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Uprooting: How to Ease the Move

The health and well-being of senior loved ones can decline quickly and without warning. Most individuals find out if the elderly loved one has dementia at earlier stages, but that doesn't mean the disease will progress in the same way for everyone. A parent with Alzheimer's can progress to later stages based on the amount [...]

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Knowing What to Say: Encouragement for Seniors

Growing older is beautiful. Age represents maturity, wisdom, and plenty of great stories. However, some young people don't know the best way to communicate with seniors. Some elders in Texas have memory or cognitive impairments that make finding the right words difficult. No matter a person's age, encouraging remarks can put a smile on their [...]

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