Hearing loss impacts one out of every two seniors after the age of 70. Unfortunately, losing their hearing can have a profound impact on seniors. Hearing loss is especially challenging for those living in assisted living. Thankfully, there is a new system that is bringing about a welcome change. The Eversound Hearing System allows seniors to hear more clearly than ever before, changing the way they interact with other residents and staff members. 

What Is the Eversound Hearing System?

Keeping our community engaged is one of our top priorities. Each resident receives a long-range headset that allows seniors to hear without impairment. The Eversound Hearing System is like no other and works with a special transmitter and microphone. Residents can hear the transmissions as far as 300 feet from the transmitter. 

Amazingly, the Eversound Hearing System can power up to 120 headsets at one time. Residents can wear these headsets comfortably, without being worried about them being difficult to control. In fact, many residents even forget they are wearing headsets throughout the day. 

The Eversound Hearing System Is Transforming Our Community

Our top priorities are the safety and well-being of our residents. When seniors cannot hear effectively, they withdraw from socialization. Seniors can also be in danger because of pronounced hearing loss. When senior residents cannot understand staff instructions or hear warning alarms, action needs to be taken. 

Yes, there are hearing aids that help seniors better hear, but these are not always effective in every situation. We have discovered the Eversound Hearing System to be superior to others. This hearing system works with or without hearing aids. Individuals can rest assured they will be able to hear better, even if they do not suffer from any hearing loss

When people live in assisted living communities, interaction with other residents and staff members is critical. Seniors who cannot hear well lack communication and can experience increased depression, anxiety, and even cognitive declines. 

We hope to prevent those from happening to our beloved residents. By implementing the Eversound Hearing System, we have seen breakthroughs in our residents. Suddenly, there is livelier conversation and much more laughter. Seniors can now enjoy movie night more because they can hear what the actors are saying. Our residents also enjoy game night because they can hear the bingo calls without stress. 

Why We Chose to Use the Eversound Hearing System

The Eversound Hearing System uses DECT technology. This listening system amplifies sound and can send the amplified sound to many headsets all at once. This seamless and powerful solution has changed the way seniors hear. Even those without hearing loss are enjoying being able to hear with greater clarity. The following are some of the reasons we chose this system for our residents. 

  • This listening system was specifically designed with seniors in mind. Seniors are empowered to enjoy life to the fullest when they can hear clearly while living in an assisted living community in Kerrville, TX.
  • Seniors can be up to three hundred feet away and still hear the amplified transmissions. This allows seniors to feel free to roam and enjoy the grounds without restrictions. 
  • This hearing system works just as well one-on-one as it does in groups. Seniors can hear other residents and enjoy carrying on lively conversations that often involve bouts of uncontrollable laughter and joy. 
  • Our seniors are safer with the Eversound Hearing System. Seniors can hear more effectively so they can receive instruction from staff members. When seniors can hear instructions, they can better respond and ensure they stay safe. 
  • Another reason we chose the Eversound Hearing System is because of its ease of use. These headsets are designed for full comfort. Each headset is simple to adjust, and the controls are easy to use, even for seniors who have dexterity challenges. 
  • A new study found that people with hearing loss who wear a hearing device score 3% better on their cognitive tests. Additionally, the use of hearing aids was found to reduce long-term cognitive decline by 19%. With prevention being one of the best ways to manage dementia this is a key finding. 

Improved Hearing Keeps Seniors Happier

With so many advancements in technology, no senior should have to be nudged to the side and withdrawn because they cannot hear what is going on during community events. These headsets have been a lifesaver in our community and so many other senior community living centers. 

Although seniors can sometimes be a bit leery when they first use the system, it does not take long to bring a big smile to their faces. Seniors are amazed to learn how easy these headsets are to operate and how effectively they can hear with them in place. 

At Riverpoint of Kerrville, we understand the unique challenges faced by seniors. We provide a family-like atmosphere that is conducive to protecting seniors and engaging their minds.